All contracts in Mexico must be executed or officially translated into Spanish before public recording or filing with government agencies or courts.Although private agreements may be executed and binding on the parties in English only, the lack of an English counterpart often results in delayed justice. At the very least, agreements should be executed in both languages or an official Spanish translation agreed to by the parties from the outset. 

On the other hand, American clients and their attorneys expect agreements to be written clearly and understandably in English, regardless of the controlling language. Because Rosen Law is made up of bilingual U.S. and Mexican attorneys, we are equally adept at drafting enforceable agreements in English and Spanish, while ensuring that translations are accurate and make sense legally.

In addition to real property buy-sell agreements, Rosen Law specializes in drafting:

  • Commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Listing, sales and marketing agreements
  • Agency and commission agreements
  • Property management agreements
  • Resort/hotel operating and management agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Inter-company loan, service, technical assistance, licensing and transfer of technology agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Time share and fractional ownership agreements
  • Condominium regimes, CC&Rs, HOAs