Energy Law

2014 has brought sweeping reforms to Mexico’s oil & gas and electric power sectors so as to entice multinationals from around the world to invest in these strategic sectors. Prior to the reforms, Mexico’s constitution reserved to the State the exclusive control over the nation’s oil and gas resources, as well as the provision of electric power generation, transmission and distribution utility services. Now, oil & gas companies will have the opportunity to joint venture and share in profits with PEMEX, and private electric power companies will be able to compete with CFE in the power generation and transmission segments.

Some of the legal services offered by Rosen Law to assist foreign energy firm’s access to this market include:

  • Government relations before federal and local authorities, regulators and state-owned enterprises
  • Overview and analysis of the energy sector legal and constitutional framework as it applies to a specific activity
  • Reviewing the legality of investment proposals
  • Drafting, analyzing, negotiating and advising the client with respect to its contractual arrangements with suppliers, customers, subcontractors, and off-takers