Labor and Employment Law

Mexican employment law, founded in the Constitution, is extremely protective of the worker. Foreign companies hiring Mexican employees and contractors should be aware of non-waivable severance obligations, statutory benefits, and workplace rights.

The Mexican labor law also regulates union-employer relations. Unions and collective bargaining agreements are the norm for almost all large plant operations in Mexico’s heavy industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, and state-owned sectors.

Rosen Law advises foreign companies on the intricacies of Mexican labor and employment law, including:

Employment law

  • Drafting employment, professional service and subcontractor agreements
  • Preparing and “Mexicanizing” internal employment rules, policies, manuals, benefits packages and human resource and accounting systems, to ensure consistency with the law.
  • Preparing and negotiating settlements and severance packages on behalf of the company
  • Defending the company against actions brought by employees before the Labor Board for unlawful discharge or other allegedly unlawful employer activity

Labor law

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of the employer in a variety of industrial and state-owned sectors
  • Litigating disputes before the Labor Board
  • Evaluating labor and employment liabilities in connection with mergers and acquisitions
  • Negotiating strike settlements