Project Development

Environmental and Entitlements

Wherever you are, the difference between successful and failed projects and developments often lies in the entitlement and development phase. Time is money, and projects cannot afford significant delays or obstacles in the granting of project permits, land use and environmental approvals, forming condominium regimes, processing timeshare program registrations, and construction.

Rosen Law attorneys have the experience, government relationships, and savvy necessary to facilitate successful project approvals.

Specific services include:

  • Environmental feasibility analysis
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Federal environmental permitting (SEMARNAT, CNA, forestry land use, natural protected areas, etc.)
  • Management of the permitting and entitlement process
  • Environmental impact assessment processing
  • Municipal and state Land use, zoning, density variances, environmental impact authorizations and construction licenses
  • Subdivision, lot divisions and condominium authorizations
  • Rights-of-way and easements
  • Water rights, including well concessions, municipal water use and reuse; federal stream bed(arroyo) usage and impact
  • Federal Maritime (beach) Zone (ZOFEMAT) concessions
  • SCT (Transportation Dept.) marina, fishing and tourism related permits for activities conducted at sea
  • PROFECO (Consumer Protection) approvals
  • Project development and construction agreements
  • Agrarian (ejido) law and conversion of agrarian property to private property
  • Operating and liquor licenses
  • Immigration law—processing FM3s, FM2s and naturalization applications